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The Studio B Sessions now available on iTunes

November 24, 2009

iTunes has officially added The Studio B Sessions by Ultrasonic Jones to their ever-growing roster of artists. It's available on a song-by-song basis for $.99, or the entire album for $9.90. "We're excited to be a part of iTunes and hope that our fans enjoy the new CD," says Ultrasonic Jones co-founder, Adam Bailine. 

The Jones Boys plan on releasing songs from their previous efforts on iTunes by the end of 2009. Get to the songs at iTunes now

The Jones Boys release The Studio B Sessions

November 15, 2009

Following their successful Spinal Fusion Summer Farewell (dubbed as such for co-founder Adam Bailine, who underwent a spinal fusion in September), Ultrasonic Jones has finally released their fourth CD, The Studio B Sessions

The Jones Boys titled the disc "Studio B" because it was the first CD that was produced entirely in their new recording studio which shares the same name. "Studio B is a more rockin' disc than previously recorded by us," said Adam Bailine, multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist.

Rob Aglow, UJ co-founder adds, "Adam and I are happy with where we ended up on Studio B. It truly sounds like it was recorded in a smoky, mid-70's van."  This notion is reflected on the cover art to Studio B, which was created by Bailine along with art director Paul J. Rowlands of Milkcrate Design. The cover features a 1970s Chevrolet van with a color scheme that compliments the look and feel of the era. 

The Studio B Sessions will be available on iTunes in the US, Japan, Mexico, and Europe by the end of November. The Jones Boys plan on playing a handful of gigs in the new year to support the new release. Their tunes can also be heard at free internet radio station Jango, where hundreds of new fans worldwide are discovering the sounds of Ultrasonic Jones.

Studio recluses perform live at a Township Day festival

April 25, 2009

Ultrasonic Jones held its first outdoor concert today for Whitemarsh Township Day. Normally seen as "that band who spends every waking moment in the studio", the Jones boys decided it was time to get out and share their catalog of tunes to new fans. "What a great day," said Rob Aglow. "The crowd loved our originals, and we even were approached by numerous audience members who wanted to know if we were for hire!"

Ultrasonic Jones releases two simultaneous CDs

December 15, 2008

Ultrasonic Jones completed two new discs (Whisker Jack and Hills of Lafayette) and released them together on their UltraGroove label.

Adam Bailine, co-founder of UJ, said, "we realized after recording for a number of weeks that we had way too many tunes that just didn't fit together.

That said, the duo set out in mid 2008 to figure out which tracks would go on the appropriate disc. Rob Aglow, UJ co-founder and band lead and rhythm guitarist said, "Whikser Jack is a more pop-rock oriented disc while 'Hills' has more of an alternative country rock vibe." Both CDs have garnered some songwriting awards.


Stay tuned for details.

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